With a huge selection of straps and harnesses available today, we are truly spoilt for choice and have no reason to lug our camera gear around by hand. Unfortunately, not all of the options available to photographers cover all of the desired requirements.

Enter the SpiderPro Dual Camera Holster! This product is designed to provide the user with not only the most comfortable way in which to carry around camera gear, but also provides absolute peace of mind that your gear is secure and within ease of reach.

The robust footplate is designed to withstand even the toughest conditions imaginable, and the clever design, which incorporates the Allen key in the footplate, makes for a quick and easy fit to your camera gear whilst out in the field.

The footplate with your camera attached, simply slides into the holster for a quick and easy release. The locking mechanism built into the holster will prevent your gear from accidentally sliding out.

Furthermore, a three-point lock on the buckle will also ensure that the harness will not come undone from around your waist.

I specialize in Mountain Gorilla Photography and as you can imagine, this requires trekking through some tough terrain and requires your hands to be free at all times to either grab onto something or brace yourself at the slip of a foot.

Gorilla photography also preferably requires having two camera bodies at hand at all times. Not only do I photograph the primates, but I also include my clients in the images and for this I need a wider-angle lens than that which I use to photograph the primates with.

The often-wet weather conditions in these rain forests in general does not favor the changing of lenses and thus more so emphasizes the need for a second camera.

As one is not allowed to carry any backpacks with you during the time spent with the Gorillas, for fear that the Gorillas, especially the more boisterous younger crowd will take it. I am often faced with the problem of where to put the second camera. On more than one occasion, I have had some of the big Silverbacks reach for my camera and it is for this reason that I do not suggest the use of neck straps.

At more than 10 times stronger than an adult man, arguing with a Gorilla over your camera is just not an option and when he takes it, the possibility is real that you will be dragged along with it when using a neck strap and thus risk injury.

Peace of mind, comfort and reliability is of the utmost importance to me. The safaris which I lead will often take me to some of the more remote corners of the African continent and it is for this reason that I use products that will not fail me at the drop of a hat, on site replacement units are not easily and in most cases not at all available. It was only when I came across the SpiderPro Dual Camera Holster that I found the answer to my concerns and a solution to the difficulties which I face when trekking the Mountain Gorillas.

The robust construction of the SpiderPro Dual Camera Holster gave me instant peace of mind that this product was not going to let me down. The broad waist strap and padded sides add great comfort when wearing the product. Below each clip is a hip pad which gives added protection and comfort.

The SpiderPro Dual Camera Holster is designed to take the weight of your pro photo gear away from your upper body and put it at your waist, the most ergonomic place to carry heavy gear. Each element of this product is designed with absolute durability in mind! For the first time, after having completed 50 Gorilla treks, I am finally able to enjoy photographing these magnificent primates in comfort and with absolute trust in the product that holds my beloved photo gear.

My only regret is not having come across this product sooner!

The SpiderPro Dual Camera Holster was kindly sponsored by SINGER PHOTOGRAPHIC in Cape Town, agents for both Lowepro and Spider products. The SpiderPro Dual Camera Holster can be purchased from ORMS Direct, www.ormsdirect.co.za, your one-stop pro-photo warehouse for all your photographic needs!