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The SpiderPro Dual Camera Holster for wildlife photography

With a huge selection of straps and harnesses available today, we are truly spoilt for choice and have no reason to lug our camera gear around by hand. Unfortunately, not all of the options available to photographers cover all of the desired requirements. Enter the SpiderPro Dual Camera Holster! This product is designed to provide [...]

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The Canon EF 1.4x mkiii extender for wildlife photography

The use of extenders is one of those photography topics which attracts a reasonable amount of mixed feelings and the big debate is obviously image quality vs better focal reach. I believe, after having used the Canon 1.4x mkiii extender for quite an extended period now, whilst leading photo safaris across Africa, that Canon has [...]

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At 5:15am a gentle knock on the cottage door announced the start of a very exciting day for both my client and myself, our first long awaited Mountain Gorilla trek has finally arrived. Although I have trekked these great apes numerous times before, the excitement is ever present. A real treat is sharing in the [...]

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We awoke this morning to the haunting bellows of two hippo bulls fighting in the river below camp, everyone quickly gathered their equipment and made their way to the wooden deck overlooking the Mara River. Below us the resident dominant bull was being challenged by another bull. This newcomer had moved into the area during [...]

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On a recent safari to Lower Zambezi National Park, which I guided for Essential Africa Guided Safaris, the clients and myself were treated to amazing wildlife sightings. Having just flown in from South Luangwa National Park, where we were witness to a number of memorable animal encounters thanks to two very enthusiastic and knowledgeable local [...]

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A trip to the Virunga is without a doubt always focused primarily on the Mountain Gorillas, however, there is another highly endangered primate that shares the Mountain Gorillas habitat. Meet the beautiful Golden Monkey. Besides occurring in the Virunga Volcanoes of Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC, they are also only found in The Gishwati and [...]

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